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Habit Tracker - 2024 Edition

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Introducing our game-changing Habit Tracker Notion template, designed to simplify habit tracking and drive your journey towards developing new healthy habits!

  1. Track your new habit. You can effortlessly monitor your habits and establish new healthy routines. Seamlessly track your habits to ensure the formation of new healthy habits and make progress towards better self.
  2. Our comprehensive dashboard template allows you to monitor the progress of each task and habit. With an all-inclusive habit tracker template, you can track the progress of individual tasks and habits, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  3. Gain insight into your progress. Keep tabs on your habits with our weekly streak and success rate tracking. Monitor your weekly streak and success rate for each habit, allowing you to stay motivated and celebrate your achievements. Stay updated on your progress and maintain a record of your weekly streak and success rate for each habit.
  4. Track your bad habits too. Our app allows you to track any bad habits you want to break.
  5. Smart Widget that can be integrated into your dashboard. You will have three different type of widget that you can utilize or embed to your dashboard. (Widget 1: Track Overall Progress, Widget 2: Track Daily Task, Widget 3: Insight of Streak and Success Rate)
  6. Mobile View Dashboard. Get a mobile layout that allow you to track your habit on the go.
  7. You can also access video tutorials that will guide you through the onboarding process. These tutorials will help you quickly familiarize yourself with all the features and maximize the benefits of our Habit Tracker template.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to simplify your habit tracking and achieve sustainable progress towards your goals. Try our Habit Tracker Notion template today and unlock the power of habit!

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An all-inclusive habit tracker template for tracking the progress of individual tasks and habits.

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Habit Tracker - 2024 Edition

6 ratings
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