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RyanOS - Second Brain Dashboard with Budget and Net Worth Tracker

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We are pleased to announce that our newly launched templates (RyanOS - Budget Tracker) are now featured in the Notion Template Store. To celebrate, we are offering a 50% discount on all our templates until 30th May 2024. As a result, the RyanOS, originally priced at $36, will now be available for $18. Thank you for your continued support!

Introducing RyanOS, a beautifully-crafted Notion template, inspired by Ryan Reynolds. This ultimate dashboard, guided by inspiration from Reynolds' dedication to his daughters, is meticulously designed to manage every aspect of family life and parenting.

RyanOS is a Notion template with a variety of features, designed to assist in parenting tasks. It serves as a comprehensive dashboard that can act as your family's personal assistant, financial advisor, and project manager among other roles.

  1. The template incorporates the renowned PARA Method Frameworks by Tiago Forte, which organizes life into Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. This method ensures that every aspect of your life is taken care of systematically.

  2. One of the key features of RyanOS, called Calendar, allows you to track chores and monitor their progression against your plan. This ensures that your family's goals are always visible and everyone stays on the right track.

  3. Financial health is crucial, not just for businesses but also for families. RyanOS helps manage your finances by tracking net worth and providing a financial checkup. It automatically calculates seven types of financial ratios to ensure your finances are healthy.

  4. The Budget tracker allows you to monitor transactions and set budgets, ensuring your family stays financially prudent. The template also tracks family's Net Worth: assets and liabilities, including their appreciation and depreciation, providing a clear snapshot of your financial status at any point in time.

  5. As a bonus, RyanOS comes with built-in tutorial videos for all features, ensuring you make the most of this comprehensive family dashboard.

In essence, RyanOS is more than just a tool; it's your partner on your journey to becoming a great parent, just like Ryan Reynolds. Make your family's life organized, financially sound, and well-planned with RyanOS.

About Notion for Everyday Things

This template was created by the Notiton for Everyday Things Team as part of the new Trailblazers Series. This is a PRO series designed to help you achieve your dreams and empower your ambitions.

The NFET Team is Notion Certified and our template has been downloaded thousands of times. We are also Recommended Creators on Notion Template Center.

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RyanOS - Second Brain Dashboard with Budget and Net Worth Tracker

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